graphical image of a standard survey

UniPrint can assist you with all your survey requirements. We can simply print the material you provide or manage the whole process for you.

If you have prepared the survey ready to print we can assist you by:

  • printing the survey (in either black and white; or colour)
  • number each Survey – for ease of tracking
  • supply the outgoing and/or replay paid envelopes
  • personalise the survey or outgoing envelopes with names and addresses from your database
  • insert all the Items into the outgoing envelope
  • arrange to have them posted (ask us how you can get postal discounts of up to 30%)

If you need assistance with the set up of the survey, we can prepare the artwork for you.

In addition we can set the survey up in TELEFORMS which allows us to configure the survey suitable for scanning the returned surveys.

We can then send you a .CSV file of all the responses plus a pdf of the returned survey.

Surveys of this kind work best when the answers are either:

Choice boxesChoice boxes


Constrained text fieldsConstrained text fields