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Need your xmas cards posted?

Send us your address database and we can it arrange for you.

We can merge the address details onto the back of the Christmas card and send them out in window faced envelopes. The message inside the card can be a generic one - or personalised

You can even have a different message for each person and a different signature.

Just make sure you send us a good quality electronic signature (if you don’t have one send us a signature on white paper and we can scan it for you)

In your address database:

  • For internal addresses record the Mailbox delivery point
  • For external we need the full postal address
  • Add a special message column (yes every person can have a different message)
  • Add a signature column - if you need a different signature for each person
  • Please do not insert line returns into fields

We will merge the cards and send you an electronic proof for checking before posting them.


Generic message

firstnamesurnamejob titleorganisation nameMBDP (for internal addresses)Address Linesuburbstatepostcode
JohnSmithmanagerDept Of EducationPO Box 12345PerthWA6000
JaneDoeSchool ManagerSchool of Special StudiesM888

Individualised messages together with individualised signatures

firstnamesurnamejob titleorganisation nameMBDP (for internal addresses)Address LinesuburbstatepostcodeSpecial MessageSignature
JohnSmithmanagerDept Of EducationPO Box 12345PerthWA6000Thanks for your assistance in 2014Mary Jane
JaneDoeSchool ManagerSchool of Special StudiesM888We look forward to working with you in 2015Mark Brown

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