Cover and spine

Preview an example of how a theses looks when printed.

The University of Western Australia requires all theses to be formatted in a specific style.

Theses must be formatted and printed according to the following specifications:

  1. paper size: international A4 size (29.7cm x 21cm)
  2. paper weight: at least 70gsm for the original copy
  3. margins: left-hand margin at least 4cm; other margins at least 2cm
  4. format: at least one and a half line spacing; typescript or computer printout; single or double-sided printing
  5. volume: no more than 6cm in spine width and 2.5kg in weight
  6. printing on spine: all copies will appear as demonstrated in attached file
  7. title page: full title of thesis; author's name; full title of degree; correct official name of the School; name of University; year of presentation
  8. accompanying material: accompanying material such as photographs and inserts must be securely mounted, with margins as detailed above. While there are no restrictions on the size of accompanying maps, drawings, musical scores, or computer printouts, these must be clearly indicated when submitting for binding. Note additional charges may apply.

Permanent binding

Binding specifications are:

  • cased-in and sewn, overcast on to tapes, if plates or inserts are present
  • rounded spine
  • buckram, or equivalent quality binding cloth
  • gold lettering:
    • down the spine will detail: PhD or degree; year; author's initials and family name
    • front cover will detail: full title of PhD or degree; author's full name

Cloth colours

Faculty Colour Colour reference number
all disciplines  mustard, with light green spine mustard #2073, light green #2008
Master's and other Doctoral    
Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts  light green #2008
Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences royal blue #2004
Business School  maroon #2001
Education royal royal blue #2004
Engineering, Computing and Mathematics mustard #2073
Law black #2011
Life and Physical Sciences light green #2008
Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences  light red #2000
Natural and Agricultural Sciences  brown #2003