UniMail is funded to provide standard postage and courier services for centrally funded UWA business units.

Services provided to areas funded by the following Project Grants will be absorbed centrally:

  • 10xxxxxx
  • 11xxxxxx
  • 12xxxxxx
  • 14xxxxxx
  • 16xxxxxx
  • 17xxxxxx
  • 18xxxxxx
  • 19xxxxxx
  • 20xxxxxx
  • 80xxxxxx

All other areas must provide the relevant BU and PG for costs to be charged to. The relevant BU and PG can be provided in the appropriate MDR-04 or MDR-05 form.

All outgoing University mail must display the relevant  Mail Bag Delivery Point (MBDP) number on the envelope below 'The University of Western Australia/School Logo'. Envelopes can be ordered from UniPrint.

Mail should be sent in standard small-size envelopes where possible, as non-standard and larger envelopes will cost more.

Standard-size envelopes are oblong in shape, no smaller than 138mm x 88mm, no larger than 240mm x 130mm and no thicker than 5mm.

Large envelopes cost more than a standard envelope and are no larger than 360mm x 260mm, no thicker than 20mm, no heavier than 500 grams or they will classed as parcels.

Discounts may be available for mail that is typed and correctly addressed (when in larger quantities, barcoded and pre-sorted discounts of up to 30 per cent may apply).

All internal mail, except that of a confidential nature, must be despatched in re-usable envelopes. These come in three sizes and can be ordered from UniPrint.

The MDR-04 form must be completed – pads of forms are available at your cost centre or UniMail.

Order more request forms

Dispatch request form pads can be ordered through our online form.

Private mail

Please see the UniMail services page for more information before sending private mail as conditions apply to the use of this service.