Address Formats

    How to set out the UWA address

    All outgoing UWA mail must have the correct sender details, and bulk mail must also have the Postage Paid Australia imprint.

    This formatting is critical to ensure we are able to access any applicable discounts.


    Envelopes should be printed with your return address on the top left-hand corner as shown. Preprinted envelopes can be ordered online from UniPrint.

    Optional Faculty Name
    Mxxx, LB 5005
    PERTH WA 6001

    Note: Your Mail Bag Delivery Point (Mxxx) is mandatory.

    Envelopes for bulk mailouts must be printed in the top right-hand corner with a "Postage Paid Australia" imprint.

    External addresses

    Australia Post's mail services are becoming increasingly automated, so wrongly formatted mail may cause delays in delivery.

    Avoid unusual line break points, such as in the examples below. Refer to the Australia Post Address Presentation Standards Booklet [440KB PDF] or contact UniMail for more information: (+61 8) 6488 3021 or (+61 8) 6488 3035.

    • Proper Format
      Ms B Sample
      6/10 Smith Street
      NEUTRAL BAY NSW 2055
    • Proper Format
      Mr A Sample
      5 Wattle Gr
    • Wrong Format
      Ms B Sample
      6 10 Smith Street
      NEUTRAL BAY NSW 2055
    • Wrong Format
      Mr A Sample
      5 Wattle Gr
      YUNDERUP WA 6208
    Other tips
    Correct use of symbols

    The slash '/': This symbol is interpreted as signifying an address that includes a flat or unit number only. It cannot be used to signify a floor or level; for example, 2/100 Smith St can only be used for a flat or unit.

    The dash '-': This symbol is interpreted as signifying an address that includes a number range and is therefore classified as a ranged address. It should include the range of applicable numbers, separated by a dash with no space between numbers, such as 3-7. The dash cannot be used for flat, unit, floor or level numbers. For example, Unit 3-7 Mail Street is incorrect; the correct way to address mail for Unit 3, 7 Main Street is 3/7 Main Street.

    Remove punctuation

    The full stops and commas in addresses should be removed. R.M.B. and P.O. should simply be written or typed as RMB and PO .

    Lot numbers

    Lot numbers should not be combined with a house (street) number. As an example, Lot 6, 53 Smith St is not acceptable.

    Postal delivery types that require numbers

    Post Office mail boxes require a number, such as PO Box 112, with the exception of "Care of Post Office".

    Rural addresses

    Use Roadside Mail Box (RMB) or Roadside Delivery (RSD) numbers rather than rural property names. The property name may appear as additional information before the address lines as this could help with the delivery of the mail.

    Road names should appear above the RMB or RSD.

    • Correct
      Harry's Place
      Lakes Road
      RMB 4600
      EUROA VIC 3666
    • Incorrect
      Harry's Place
      RMB 4600 Lakes Road EUROA VIC 3666