If you have any special mail needs, UniMail can help.

    Reply Paid services

    A Reply Paid service is available through UniMail.

    If the service is required for destinations within Australia:

    • the school (faculty, department) pays postage only on those Reply Paid letters received
    • the Reply Paid mail service covers all letter sizes.

    International Reply Paid is available worldwide for small letters (DL size) up to 50 grams only.

    There are specific formats for Reply Paid mail. Anyone wishing to use this service should contact UniMail on (+61 8) 6488 3035 or (+61 8) 6488 3021 beforehand, or you can simply organise your envelopes by placing an order via UniPrint Online Ordering. This will automatically provide the envelopes in the correct format.

    Airmail and overseas mail

    Unless instructed otherwise, UniMail will send letters, packages and parcels by the most economical method.

    The University uses a commercial global postal service for the majority of its overseas mail. This mail is collected from UniMail at 4pm each day (except on public holidays) and is sent by air to the private major mailing service depots throughout the world.

    When the mail arrives at the appropriate destination, mail is forwarded using the internal mail system of that country. There are considerable financial savings by using the commercial global postal service, with only a minimal delay on delivery timeframes (see the MDR-05 form for delivery guidelines).

    If the airmail box is not crossed, all overseas mail will be processed through the commercial global postal service and charged at a rate per kilogram or part thereof.

    An MDR-05 form must be completed for all articles other than printed matter when sending articles by overseas mail. Of particular importance is the declaration on the MDR-05: it is a criminal offence to give misleading information.

    Private mail

    If you use UniMail to send mail on University business, you do so as a servant or agent of the University. All such mail is the property of the University.

    If you use UniMail to send private mail, you do so subject to the conditions on this page (as amended from time to time) and your use of UniMail for private mail constitutes your acceptance of those conditions.

    If you use UniMail for private mail, you're responsible for ascertaining the conditions applying at the time of such use. Direct any queries to the Manager of UniMail.

    Stamps must be affixed to all private mail before despatch to UniMail.

    Persons who wish to use the courier or mail services offered by UniMail must bring the item to UniMail. Please contact UniMail staff to confirm the postage cost. Payments can be made at the UWA payments site.

    UniMail staff may refer these articles to the Manager of UniMail, or in his/her absence, the Senior Mail Clerk:

    • private mail which does not carry sufficient postage stamps
    • private mail which for some reason cannot reasonably be despatched in the ordinary course of post
    • mail where the sender's MBDP is illegible, or no sender is designated.

    The Manager and the Senior Mail Clerk are authorised to open any such article referred to above, and they will take the following action where articles are referred to them.

    1. Private mail will be returned unopened to the sender if the identity of the sender (individual, not schools) is clearly ascertainable from the external surface of the envelope. It is at the absolute discretion of the Manager or Senior Mail Clerk to decide whether or not the sender's identity is clearly ascertainable.
    2. All other articles will be opened and, where the article is private mail, the Manager or Senior Mail Clerk may at their absolute discretion take the following actions:
      • return it to the sender
      • delete all reference to 'The University of Western Australia' from the cover (if applicable) and despatch the article
      • retain the article until it is claimed by the sender (articles unclaimed within six months will be destroyed as confidential waste).
    3. Where the article contains University mail, the Manager or Senior Mail Clerk will have it re-sealed and forwarded to the addressee.

    Any person utilising the facilities of UniMail for private mail does so entirely at his or her own risk. The University shall not be liable in any way for the loss or damage of any kind suffered by any person whether due to the negligence of UniMail staff or any other cause whatsoever.

    Members of staff are requested to refrain from having private mail addressed to them at the University. Any private large items addressed to individuals will be held at UniMail for collection by the individual. UniMail staff will email you to indicate receipt of the item/s.

    Bulk mail

    UniMail works with UniPrint to make bulk mailing easy!

    Simply send us the files you want posted and a database of who to send it to and we take care of the rest.

    Your mailing can:

    • be mail-merged to suit window-faced envelopes
    • be printed onto a flysheet and plastic wrapped (ideal for newsletters)
    • have addresses can be printed directly onto your envelopes
    • have postcards merged to go directly into the post.

    Before printing, we can "address barcode" your database. By doing this and presorting the items we can arrange discounts of up to 30 per cent on the normal mail costs.

    With our range of folding and inserting equipment, we can automatically insert up to six items in either DLX, C5 or C4 size envelopes.

    UniPrint will lodge your mail out with Australia Post at the best available discounted rate via UniMail and include postage and processing costs in a single journal transaction.

    For more information about bulk mailing, contact UniPrint.

    This service is far more efficient and economical than using staff for low- to high-volume folding and inserting tasks.